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The idea of missions -- spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ began for both of us as teenagers. When it came to choosing careers we both felt strongly about media. God showed us that media would be our mission field.


We worked jobs at newspapers and in graphics trying to be Jesus in our everyday lives. Then a missionary visited our church and described a need for our job skills. It was an ah-ha moment -- God poking us in the chest. We went to International Media Ministries in Brussels, Belgium for two years as missionary helpers (MAPS). We used our skills to produce television programs that shared the love of God.


After two years, we came home, stunned by the opportunity, challenged by the difficulties. No way could we  become missionaries -- way too intimidating and hard. But we knew missions would be in our lives somehow.


It wasn't one big moment this time. It was a steady drip. God worked on us over time speaking to our hearts. We had a lot of excuses, but we finally gave into God's plan to become career missionaries.


It is a terrific adventure -- bigger than us. You know that question -- what would you do if you couldn't fail? We weren't sure this would succeed at all. God's plans don't always add up to logic on this planet, but it's an experience we wouldn't trade for anything.


We encourage you -- if we can do it, you can do it. We're taking our job skills to the mission field. Be brave and try some dream that God has placed in your heart. He will be faithful to the journey.


Kerry Godwin

Birthday November 2

Camera, Visual Effects, Graphics, Sets


Denise godwin

Birthday October 2

Writing, Producing, Directing


Anniversary       May 14

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